Jasmine - Air Freshener

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Jasmine Air Freshener

General Info

Think heavenly freshness, think jasmine. A whim of fresh jasmine can change the atmosphere in your room in seconds. Be it spiritual uplift or physiological refreshment- jasmine imparts the smell perfect for all occasions. To make you feel energized at the end of a tiring day, nothing can be compared to the fragrance of these little white flowers. From your bedroom to the attic, you can spray jasmine air freshener everywhere to let the fragrance create its magic. Bring home the freshness and give your surroundings the much-needed transformation.


  • Fills the air with a dewy fresh fragrance
  • Removes musty smell of damp
  • Removes unpleasant odour of any kind
  • Relaxes the mind and relieves anxiety
  • Energises the soul and induces a positive attitude
  • Works as an aphrodisiac and boosts romanticism
  • Improves disturbed sleep patterns

How to Use

Shake the bottle before use. Spray a few times according to the size of your room. Let the fragrance diffuse into the air and fill the room on its own. You may also switch on the AC or ceiling fan in slow-motion to fasten the diffusion process.


Put the nozzle away from your eyes while spraying. Remember, it is for external use only. Perform a spray test if anyone has an asthmatic allergy to the scent of jasmine. Also, keep away from flames.


1.How to apply?

Ans: Just spray the jasmine air freshener in your room according to the size of your room. Let the citrus smell diffuse through the air, fill your room and embrace you completely.

2.What are the benefits of jasmine air freshener?

Ans:It fills the air with a dewy fresh fragrance. It helps to remove musty smell of damp or unpleasant odor of any kind. It relaxes the mind and relieves anxiety,energies the soul and induces a positive attitude. It works as an aphrodisiac and boosts romanticism, also improves disturbed sleep patterns.

3.How much effective is the freshener?

Ans: It is an aroma fragrance which will help you like an aromatherapy. It brings freshness and gives your surrounding the much needed transformation.

4.One bottle stays for how long?

Ans: It depends on users.

5.What are the restrictions of this product?

Ans: The air freshener is for external use only. But do not give to children. It can be used even if anyone have asthma or allergy from jasmine. keep away from flames.

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