Sandalwood - Bath Salt

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Sandalwood Bath Salt

General Info

Indian history has long witnessed the use of sandalwood for healing purposes. When the goodness of sandalwood essential oil mixes with mineral salts, you get sandalwood bath salt that we bring to you in bottled form at an easily affordable price. The heavenly aroma has purity woven into it. Indulge in a warm bath with sandalwood bath salt to wash off your stress and anxiety and feel oneness with nature within the confines of your home. Relax your muscles and nerves as you allow the volatile richness of the bath salt to enter your body and reach your cells to re energize them all over again.


  • Relaxes muscles and nerves
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Alleviates depression
  • Normalizes sleeping pattern
  • Relieves irritation on the skin
  • Heals dryness and restores moisture in the skin
  • Improves concentration

How to Use

Simply add a spoonful of the bath salt to your bathing water and soak in it till you feel refreshed. You can exfoliate your skin with this salt by it.


Perform a patch test on your skin before using the bath salt to eliminate any chance of allergic reactions.


1.How to apply?

Ans: Add 1-2 T-spoon of sandalwood bath salt into lukewarm water. Swirl it with your hand and allow it to mix well. Now, soak yourself in the water. You may also mix the salt with water in a bucket where you can dip your toe to make your body stress free and detoxified.

2.One bottle of bath salt stays for how long?

Ans: Basically it depends on how much you are using. Usually one little jar of bath salt stays for 30 days approximately.

3.Does it helpful to use as daily basis?

Ans: Yes, as it works like an aromatherapy and gives you stress free relaxation, so use it daily for have better experience.

4.What are the main ingredients of sandalwood bath salt?

Ans:The sandalwood bath salt is made with 3 types of sea salts. it is a mixture of dead sea salt, epsom salt and himalayan rock salt along with purely blended sandalwood essential oil.

5.What are the benefits of using sandalwood bath salt?

Ans:It helps to relax your muscles and nerves. Also remove irritation on your skin and heals dryness, make it moisture.

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