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At Manipura Ayurveda, we strive to provide you with the best products for your greater health with 100% customer satisfaction. This means you will find a variety of pure essential oils as well as different blends, handmade with love and care to meet your needs.


Air Fresheners

Reduce the number of chemicals in your home by using Our Air Freshener made with essential Oils.


Bath Salt

Our Bath salts, which are commonly made from magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt), Himalayan Rock salt, and sea salt.


Signature Serums

 we create unique blends for your personal care with the purity of nature. every blend has essential oils properties.


Diffuser Blends

Our Diffuser Blend is Made with 100% pure organic essential oils. These oils are proportionately blended to give you the best result.


Therapeutic Oil

our therapeutic oil treats your health problem in a natural way. this therapeutic oil has essential oils poperties.


Reed Diffuser set

Reed diffusers are extremely popular in home fragrances right now. we have so many variants of reed diffuser oil and reed diffuser set.

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All Sub-Brands

We are also a Manufacturer of  Personal care and Organic cleaning product.We provide alternative healing care Consultant Service.


we are a trusted name in the production of natural essential oil. we are introducing Our organic personal care products. Our products are toxin-free, cruel free, and formulated with pure essential oils.

Totum Organic

Totum’s mission is to protect and care for people through leading hygiene in an organic way, infection prevention, and cleaning solutions. we develop and deliver innovative organic cleaning products. 

Aer Statio

Our product AERSTATIO act as a virucidal agent that attacks and inactivates viral particles outside the cell( versions). In general, this is accomplished by damaging their protein shells or the substance penetrating the core itself.

The Bene-Esse Studio

We MANIPURA AYURVEDA had come up with a WELL BEING STUDIO 💫at a prime location in south Kolkata. We are trying to cover up all modalities of Complementary and Alternative healing therapy in one place

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10% Off for Signature Serum

Nature’s most coveted floral essential oils with powerful benefits have been more simple and more convenient to use . We create unique blends for your personal care with the purity of nature.


We always focus on our product quality, hygiene, and discipline, which sets a benchmark for our products beyond industry standards. The use of selected raw materials ensures consistent quality. Enriched with Aromatherapy and Ayurveda, our products are 100% nature derived. Our products are cruelty-free
and not tested on animals. for more inquiry contact us

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Kolkata , West Bengal

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