Manipura Ayurveda Aromatherapy Jasmine Room Fresheners 200 ml


  • Fills the air with a dewy fresh fragrance,
  • Removes the musty smell of dampness,
  • Removes unpleasant odors of any kind,
  • Relaxes the mind, and relieves anxiety.

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These Air Fresheners are totally made from natural ingredients with 100% pure essential oil. There are no harmful or toxic chemicals. It makes your area fresh with a beautiful and pleasant fragrance and provides you with relaxation.


This room freshener is made only using 100% Organic Raw Materials which ensures a fresh scent of natural citronella throughout the day. Long lasting room freshener.
REFRESHMENT : Refreshes the indoor air and masks bad smells, Raises energy levels, Relieves stress and anxiety, Enhances the mood, Helps improve insomnia.


Organic essential oils. Non-toxic, 100% natural.


Ideal for your home, linen, room, living space and washroom.


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