Manipura Ayurveda Diffuser Oil – Stress Buster


Absolute Healing Blend of  Pure Essential Oils Do not intake. Cures by Inhaling only. Safe for Children Need to diffuse this by a diffuser or can also be sniffed by spraying on a handkerchief. No Side Effects All our Products are GMP and ISO Certified.

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No matter how mundane our daily routine and work schedules are, they never fall short of piling up stress and anxiety in our minds. In today’s time, especially, one always has to be a part of the rat race and thrive to stay ahead of others in the competition. While doing this, stress, depression and anxiety become an integral part of our lives that tend to affect our lifestyle and state of mind. We bring to you a perfect blend of lemon, lavender, bergamot, chamomile, ylang ylang, sage, and frankincense essential oils. The stress relief healing diffuser drives away all your stress and makes you feel healthier and happier once again.

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