Pure Organic Eucalyptus Bath Salt for relaxing Body and Foot Spa made with Epsom salt and Essential Oil – 200g


  • Pure Organic Bath Salt made with 3 Natural Salts ( mix of Epsom Salt, Himalayan Rock Salt & Dead Sea Salt) that are rich in multi-minerals and Eucalyptus Essential Oil which has many therapeutic benefits.
  • Ingredients: Himalayan Rock Salt, Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Eucalyptus Essential Oil.
  • Net Quantity: 200g, sealed in a glass jar.
  • Benefits: Deeply cleanses body & skin pores, eases stress and relaxes the body, improves better sleep, nourishes the skin. With the addition of Eucalyptus essential oil, this salt is Antibacterial(destroys the bacteria that clogs pores and causes acne boils), Anti-inflammatory(eases the pain and irritation).
  • Gentle & Safe: Our organic bath salt has no toxic chemicals or additives or artificial colours and is completely safe.
  • How to Use: Fill the tub with Normal or lukewarm water, mix generous amounts (1-2 tbsp full) of salt and circulate well, settle in and let the salts calm you like a spa.

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BATH SOAK They are water-soluble, pulverized minerals that are added to water to be used for bathing. They are said to improve cleaning and enhance the enjoyment of bathing. With bath salts, you get an experience like bathing in the natural hot springs. Pour one to two handfuls of bath salts into your bath water and you’re ready to relax. FOOT SOAK Fill a small bucket Or personal Pedicure system with warm water. Consider filling it with boiling water and then allowing it to cool until you can comfortably place your feet in the water. Add one to two cups of Epsom salt to the water and swish with your feet. Rub your feet along the salt grains to break them down and get them into sore painful areas. Sit with your feet in the salt bath until the water cools. If you want to continue your soak, consider adding a few cups of hot water and mix well. EXFOLIATION If you would like to use bath salts for exfoliation, simply take a small handful of fine-grain bath salts and add a tiny bit of water. Work the mixture into a paste and smooth it over your skin.


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